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Rules and Regulations

The International Film Festival of Cuenca will take place from April 3 to April 8, 2017 in the city of Santa Ana of the Four Rivers of Cuenca, Ecuador.



Call for entries for International Fiction, Animation, Documentary and Experimental Feature and Short films are now open.

All productions must have been completed after January 1, 2015.

The registration of films to the Festival must be done through FESTHOME.COM, CLICKFORFESTIVALS.COM, BETA.REELPORT.COM and FILMFREEWAY.COM platforms.

Deadline: The producer who owns the rights to the film must register before January 31, 2017 By registering the film throgh official platforms the producer accept these rules and regulations.

The festival will only accept online registrations of films.

No entry fee for Ecuatorian Films.

Registrations will only be completed when the Festival receive a screening link for preselection. All films must have Spanish or English subtitles in case Spanish is not the original language. First and rough cuts will be accepted for preselection.

The Festival does not require premiers but will give priority to films that have not been previously exhibited in the Republic of Ecuador.

Once registered and selected, the film cannot be withdrawn from the Festival program. or shown in any other area in Ecuador before its official presentation at the FICC.



Best International Feature Award: u$s 2,000

Best Dark Zone section Feature Film Award: u$s 1,500

Best Short Film Award: u$s 800


The Selection Committee shall be composed of members of the FICC, who will carry out their work according to the parameters of quality and creativity set in advance by the Festival.

All screening copy must be sent thought the internet before March 1, 2017. Selection, screening copy format and delivery information will be notified through the official platforms.

In case of selection the following stuff must be sent to the festival.

-2 (Two) film stills, 300 DPI. Size 10cm high and 15cm wide color. JPG format
-1 (One) photo of the director / s, 300 DPI. Size 10 cm high by 10 cm wide color. JPG format Director - Biofilmography maximum 450 characters with spaces. In the following format, NAME, + 450 characters Film -Sinopsis maximum 600 characters with spaces.
-Data Film Contact

Contact person

(CP / POBOX) Province, City, COUNTRY

In addition, a dialogue list in the original language and English (with time codes) and a digital file with the final cut of the film as it will be screened, for electronic subtitling will be required.


The Festival program will include competitive and non-competitive sections. The films scheduled to be included in the section that the selection committee deems appropriate.

For the selection will take into account its duration: For this festival, feature films must be longer than 41 minutes. Films with durations below 40 minutes will be considered shortfilms.

Feature Films

National and international fiction, animation, documentary and experimental films with lengths above 41 minutes.

Dark Zone

National and international fantasy genre films (horror, gore, suspense, etc) with lengths from 41 minutes on.


National and international fiction, animation, documentary and experimental films with durations no longer than 40 minutes.



The festival organization presupposes that producers or directors who register through this call have the rights to exhibit their works, are exempted the FICC and the Ecuadorian Corporation of Cinematograph Arts of any civil or criminal liability.

People linked to the selected films undertake not to disclose their participation until the Festival program is announced by the Organization of the same news conference.

Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these rules. Any conflict (organizational or operational) not covered by these rules will be resolved by the Festival organization.

The presentation of films implies full acceptance of these rules. The interpretation and application of the same corresponds to the organization of the FICC.


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